Friday, May 13, 2011

This is how I get my mood back

Last week, I work so hard for my Multimedia video assignment. I tried more than my limits. I was so worried with my Multimedia grade, because if I get less than B on this class, I couldn’t get into the Multimedia major next semester.

All the hard work seems useless last Sunday, when I couldn’t copy the video I take with my friends’ camcorder into my computer. After a tiring full-day travel with my family to Bandung, I spent my night trying my best to get that camcorder connected to my PC, which is a complete failure and a big frustration.

And so last Monday I re-record everything. I have practicum class until 7pm, and so I just got home at 8.30. Feeling awfully frustrated, I decided to chill down to get my mood back atCoffee Tree”, which is my favorite place in Jakarta. I went there alone, but a few hours later my friend Cbonk joined me. I managed to get my mood back, I went home at 11pm and directly start my video editing process until 4am. And guess what? The video presentation was a big success. I even get a very good score for my mid-term. It feels like I’m getting a paycheck! Big thanks to my multimedia group for their hard work! :D

Here’s how I get my mood back

My notebook + iPad + Music + Peppermint Mocha + Singkong Goreng + Blackberry = GOOD MOOD

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Photoshop Brush : PaintToolEd by Yohanes Steven

So I Did some play-around with the Pen Tool. I just don’t want the result to be THAT wasted, so here it is! It might be useful, rite?

Specifications :

3 High Quality Brushes

Download :

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Surgery Trip to Singapore in Photos

Last christmas was one big moment for me. On 20th of December, I went to Singapore. It was my first trip abroad.

Here's some photos I have for your eyes to enjoy.

Unfortunately I go there not to have fun, but it's for my thyroid cancer surgery, which went really well. So I'm no longer a cancer battler, I'm a cancer survivor now! What an awesome Christmas gift from Jesus himself.

But I actually have 2 days to enjoy Singapore before my surgery. So here's a little photo I manage to take.

Me and the awesome lights in the Orchard Road
A view from Esplanade, A Theater Mall in Singapore
Ion Orchard, One of the mall in the busy Orchard Road

Scala De Cafe : Web Design and Video

Okay, so in my Entrepreneurship class, my lecturer asked us to create a business plan, and present it in my class. This business plan project and presentation will be regarded as my final test in the course, so it’s really important.

We worked in group of 6, and my group decided to create a coffee shop for this business plan. Our coffee shop will be unique because we only sells 3 kinds of coffee : Espresso, Mocha, and Latte. But in our coffee shop, the customers could add their own flavors to the coffee they order by mixing toppings.

Okay, so after the business plan is created, it’s time for us to present the business plan in front of the class. Instead of using the good ol’ PowerPoint method, I decided to create a website and present the business plan via the website.

Since this is not a public website, I decided to create a simple website, but still represents our identity as a unique coffee shop.

This website is first started by my friend Raymond, and I give a tweak to his design, and completing it as well, while he finished the menu. The logo of Scala De Cafe is made by my friend, Albert.

Well, what works on this website is the navigation, which is a combination of javascript and CSS. Beside that, it's just a showcase of images. Technically this is not a good website, but I don't think that's what's important for a class presentation.

About Page of Scala De Cafe Website
Product Page of Scala De Cafe Website
Contact Page of Scala De Cafe Website

I also managed to create a promotional video for Scala De Cafe. This video was made in Corel Video Studio, and features the song "Fallin In Love In a Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg. This video contains the pictures of the products, as well as some info and words of good.

It took me about 2 hours to make this video, and this is one of the first video I created, so it might not be the best.

Scala de Cafe at Selimut Studio

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Camera + Photo Experiments

I just bought a new Camera. It's Canon EOS 1000D. Not really that Amazing, but this is my First DSLR Camera and I'm so excited bout it! It's like I am taking a new step into Photography and I wish a Good Luck for myself to learn more in photography.

In case of a New Camera, I decide to do some experiments with some photo shoot Around the house. Enjoy my photos! :)

Up and Out!

Harder To Breathe

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Abstract . 01 Photoshop Brush

Abstract . 01

Packet Specification
-6 Brush
- 2200px ++
- File Size : 4.72MB Zip

Saturday, June 20, 2009


kerjaan selama liburan niiih. maen potoshop teruuus.
yang suka silahkan mampir ke deviantArt buat kasih +favorite.
hhi. comment ya di karya gwe iniii..

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The Past may be monotone
but The Future is always Colorful

The Past may be broken
but The Future is always waiting to be fixed

The Past may be in chaos
but The Future is always in order

Let's ACT for a Better Future!